Before you go...

Bring a mobile phone.

You will need to receive a security code via text message.

1. Choose the Amount of Bitcoin You Want to Sell

Depending on the machine you are at, you will need to enter a value in either $20 USD or RD$ 1,000 increments of the Bitcoin or Altcoin that you would like to sell. Press SELL BITCOIN when done.

2. Get a security code

Provide your phone number and we will send you a text with a security code. You should receive a text immediately after entering your phone number. Enter the provided code at the machine.

3. Send Your Coins

IMPORTANT: When sending Bitcoin, we recommend a High Priority transfer fee. The current "fastest time" fee is 102 satoshis/byte (0.00102 bitcoins/kilobyte).

An invoice for the amount of coins and an address (QR code) to send it to will be displayed. Scan the code and transfer the bitcoin you're selling.

4. Wait for confirmation

We're waiting for your deposit to confirm on the blockchain. You may safely leave the machine, but you will soon receive a text message notifying you your transaction has confirmed.

5. Redeem

When you receive your notification, go back to the machine. Press the Redeem button. You will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number again to receive a new security code. Once you receive that code, enter it at the machine and your cash will be dispensed.

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